Board of Trustees Elects EMBA Alumnus Svetoslav Georgiev (‘05) as New Member

October 23, 2018

The AUBG Board of Trustees approved the election of new member Svetoslav Georgiev for a three-year term during the October meeting in Blagoevgrad. Georgiev, who earned his EMBA from AUBG in 2005, is currently Vice President International Operations at global company C3i Solutions. Victoria Entwistle, Managing Director at Magnolia Advisory, London, was re-elected on the Board for a three-year term while Sonia Hirt was elected to the AUBG University Council, also for three years.

Among the highlights of the Board meeting Oct. 20-21 was the AUBG Admissions’ team presentation that reported the best enrollment results in seven years. 251 degree-seeking students have enrolled to AUBG in the Fall 2018 semester, representing a 33 per cent increase in the size of the incoming class and a 56 per cent increase in Bulgarian students. The incoming class would not only be the largest but also the strongest academically as measured by admissions points, said Admissions Director Boriana Shalyavska (‘16), explaining that admissions points are calculated by looking at high school GPA and proficiency in English. 

AUBG Director of Development and EMBA alumna Irena Macheva (‘18) briefed the Board on the key achievements of the Development office in 2018. 411 donors—the highest number of donors in the history of the university—raised a total of $1,778,114 in the past financial year. Macheva also reported an unprecedented number of alumni donors, with 270 AUBG graduates giving back to AUBG in FY’18.

The AUBG Alumni Homecoming that coincided with the Board meeting was the perfect opportunity to recognize the commitment of the university graduates. AUBG President Steven Sullivan and Chair of the Board Ivan Manev handed two special awards— the Griffin and Skaptopara Cups— in recognition of alumni contribution in 2018.

“I am glad to see so many of my former students here for the alumni weekend,” said Sullivan who teaches economics at AUBG. AUBG alumni are an integral part of the AUBG community as they provide ongoing support and give an inspiring example to future generations, the president said. He then awarded the Skaptopara Cup to the AUBG Class of 2001, the class with the highest total of giving.

“Giving back to the ones that have less is something very important,” said member of the Board of Trustees Rumyana Trencheva (‘00). “Think about the importance of giving back and give back to your university always.”

„AUBG is transforming lives, it has transformed your lives as I can see from all the success stories,” Manev said when addressing the alumni. “It is currently transforming the lives of the students who are here (…) and your role as alumni is very important because you can further help this transformation.” Manev presented AUBG Class of 2016—the class with the highest participation rate in giving— with the Griffin Cup. 

“We wanted to give back to the future students and wanted to support their education the same way we have received a lot of help in getting ours,” said Martin Georgiev (‘16), AUBG alumnus and currently Communications Development Specialist at the university.

Story by Dimana Doneva

Photos by Anastasia Garyainova

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