AUBG’s Business Administration and Political Science Programs Ranked Number 1 in Bulgaria

December 15, 2017

The 2017 Bulgarian University Rankings are out and the American University in Bulgaria has earned top spots in all of its five evaluated programs. AUBG, along with Sofia University, is the best school to study Business Administration and Political Science at, while the Computer Science, Journalism and Mass Communication, and Economics programs earned second place among all other universities.  

“I would like to thank our faculty and staff who provide our students with world-class education and help them become successful and responsible professionals,” said AUBG Provost Emilia Zankina.

President Steven Sullivan also expressed his gratitude to the entire community. “This success is a recognition of your commitment and passion,” he said.

The study shows that AUBG students are some of the brightest in the region, as defined by their high school success. The average student has earned a 5.61 out of 6 GPA, the highest university-wide among all schools.

AUBG Business Administration graduates have the highest income in Bulgaria. Source:

The rankings also show AUBG graduates in Business Administration earn almost twice as much on average as their fellows at other universities. Those with degrees in Journalism, Economics and Politics also have the highest salaries in their respective fields. AUBG alumni continue to hold the lowest unemployment rates across most fields of study, a trend in recent years.

The Ministry of Education uses more than 100 different indicators to develop the ranking system, among them graduate success, teaching and learning environment, research done at the university, etc. Data comes from the universities themselves, employers and government agencies.

“Rating systems are very important because they drive universities to constantly improve and seek better results,” said Zankina. “They give important information about the current state of the education system and help shape future goals and priorities.”

Story by Martin Georgiev

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