AUBG's 2018 Presidential Medalist Is Rochel Canagasabey

April 27, 2018

On April 11 students, faculty and staff gathered at the Dr. Carl Djerassi Theater Hall to recognize the achievements of the most distinguished students in both their academic fields and extracurricular activities at the 25th Annual Honors Convocation.

“The students recognized here today have worked hard to achieve distinction, assisted by an able and talented faculty and staff,” President Steve Sullivan said opening the ceremony. “We applaud their achievements and look forward with hope and pride to the futures of these fine students.”

The greatest honor of the night, the Presidential Medal, went to Sri Lankan student Rochel Canagasabey. The award is given not only for academic achievement (although that’s a requirement), but also community service, and activities that exemplify the ideals of the liberal arts education—broad knowledge, disciplined thinking, and social responsibility.

Canagasabey transferred to AUBG from his home country of Sri Lanka and has since been heavily involved in many activities at the university. He has served as a student representative to the department of history, a student assistant at the admissions office, and has been a part of the choir and the MUN conference. His strong commitment to social responsibility shows in actions both small and big. From donating blood and fundraising for the disabled to teaching English to street children and prisoners in Sri Lanka, he has proven to be the perfect recipient for this honor.

“I am honored to receive this award,” Canagasabey said. “AUBG is a great place, everyone is helping the community in their own way and I think that each AUBG student deserves such an award.”

After he receives his degree in Political Science and International Relations in May 2018, Canagasabey will return to Sri Lanka to pursue a master’s in Conflict Resolution and work for a World Health Organization NGO.

Find the full list of students recognized at the Honors Convocation below:

Outstanding Achievement in Information Systems:

Kejsi Take and Hristina Boyadzhieva

20th Annual Programming Contest Winners:

1st place: Jimshir Skhirtladze

2nd place: Arya BC

3rd place: Lazaron Shyta

Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics:

Plamen Penchev and Ksandros Apostoli

Outstanding Achievement in Computer Science:

Nikola Toshev and Ksandros Apostoli

Outstanding Achievement in Journalism and Mass Communication:

Diana Elagina and Maria Markina

Outstanding Achievement in Economics:

Megin Shehi and Dimitar Argirov

Outstanding Achievement in Business Administration:

Pavlina Kolvani and Anu Molor

Outstanding Achievement in Modern Languages:

French: Iulita Osichenko and Yelyzaveta Glybchenko

German: Diana Elagina

Bulgarian: Natalia Shirshova

Outstanding Achievement in Literature:

Gergana Stoeva

Outstanding Achievement in Music:

Instrumental: Uurtsaik Gantogtokh and Vuk Vasic

Vocal: Kristian Iliev and Penyo Krotev

Outstanding Achievement in History and Civilizations:

Selena Stevanović

Outstanding Achievement in European Studies:

Diana Elagina and Iulita Osichenko

Outstanding Achievement in Political Science and International Relations:

Sava Stoyanov and Indira Urazova

Outstanding Achievement in the EMBA:

Irena Macheva

Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Athletics:

Maksim Sviridenko

Al Cyrus Theater Award:

Bogdan Dimitrov and Ilian Velev

The 13th Annual University Council Essay Awards:

1st prize: Enika Hasanaj

2nd prize: Yelyzaveta Glybchenko

3rd prize: Indira Urazova

Community Volunteer Service Award:

Noel Ceta

Outstanding Resident Assistant:

Sava Stoyanov

Outstanding Contribution to Shared Governance:

Georgi Georgiev

Outstanding Student Advisor:

Anu Molor and Uurtsaikh Gantogokh

Presidential Medalist:

Rochel Canagasabey

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