AUBG Writer’s Guild Publishes Its First Book

May 17, 2016

AUBG student and member of the Writer’s Guild Diana Elagina tells the story behind the organization’s first endeavor.

Books will never die as long as there are readers to buy and writers to create them. During the fall of 2015, I became a member of the Writer’s Guild, AUBG’s first publishing house established by students. Its first book, “The Stairs within Our Minds,” was presented in the ABF Student Center on May 4.

“The Stairs within Our Minds” is a collection of seven short stories written by AUBG students and members of the Writer’s Guild. Each author incorporated the main topic –stairs – into their stories. 400 copies of the book were printed, and around 60 of them have already been sold.

Writers, editors, designers, and marketers formed our team. In the beginning, I was the only member who was interested in book design, so I easily became the head of the design department and later recruited more members to join the team.

Bulgarian sophomore Ivaylo Urdev wrote two stories for our book when he was on an exchange semester at the University of Akureyri in Iceland. “The Rebellious Apple” is about terrorism, and “Bacterium and Dreams” questions the concept of universal morality. “I believe it's a bit brutal because there is a murder, but scandalizing is sometimes the way I like to prove points,” said Urdev. “It makes for interesting argument.”

Georgian senior Saba Sharia was one of the first purchasers of the book. “If your friend is graduating, and they want something as [a] memory from AUBG, it would be a perfect reasonable gift because it’s not too expensive,” he said. Sharia liked the compact travel size of the book.

Bulgarian freshman Krum Zahariev, who started as a writer, became the president of our club in spring 2016, as he was very enthusiastic about the project. “As soon as you participate as a writer in the project, you become a published author, which is definitely a big point in your CV,” he said.

The Writers Guild is the brainchild of Steven London, a returning AUBG student and ELI instructor. He was the project manager, and he inspired us to publish the book by the end of the 2015-2016 academic year. His vision is to make the club a non-profit organization that will provide AUBG students with professional writing, editing, design, and photography internships.

Working on a book design was exciting for all of us. For the first time, I worked on an internal book design, including type fonts and page margins. Our illustrator, Ukrainian sophomore Yelizaveta Glybchenko, designed her first book cover.

The Writers Guild plans to set up a charity fund to help disadvantaged people in Bulgaria through a portion of the sales from “The Stairs within Our Minds.”

Story by Diana Elagina
Photography by Diana Elagina

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