AUBG Will Work with Professors from Harvard University to Support a Sustainability Initiative in Bulgaria

May 02, 2017

The American University in Bulgaria is the educational partner in a new industry-driven initiative called Crystal Clear. One of the most active private sector associations, the Bulgarian Industry of Soft Drink Producers, launched a campaign aiming to promote sustainability and responsible behavior towards the law, state, consumers, and society.

The initiative was launched at a public event on 27 April in Sofia and its goals were presented by Mr. Thomas Krennbauer, CEO of the DEVIN company and Mr. Svetoslav Atanasov, CEO of Coca Cola Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s Ombudswoman, Maya Manolova, who was present at the event, also expressed her support for the project.

Milena Nikolova, Director of AUBG Graduate & Executive Programs and Professor of Marketing, was among the speakers at the launching event. “The American University in Bulgaria is an educational institution with strong affinity for the values associated with sustainable development, so for us it is an honor to be a partner in this initiative. As a knowledge institution, we are naturally the partner that will provide support in the area of education and capacity building in the area of sustainable development,” she said.

The AUBG efforts will be concentrated in two aspects: to support capacity development among current professionals, and to make sure that future professionals, or the current students, graduate university with knowledge in the area of sustainable development, she elaborated. “This will be a non-academic (certificate) program, which will be aligned with similar programs for professionals offered at the best universities around the world,” Nikolova explained.

In her words, the world-class quality of the content that the program will deliver is of utmost importance. In the content of this project AUBG is in dialogue with colleagues and specialists from the Center for Health and Global Environment at Harvard University, who will support the development of local programs in the area of sustainable development.

“Our participation in this initiative is an important opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from a world-class academic institution to develop educational content that meets a real need in our society. In addition to that this partnership with an entire industry in itself is an exciting opportunity because it is based on the most current models for collaboration between industry and universities,” said Nikolova.

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