AUBG Welcomes its Most Diverse New Coming Class Ever

August 25, 2008

Winner of a National Informatics Olympics, a Taekwondo Champion and a Winner of a Debate Tournament are Going to Study at AUBG from This Year

257 students from 25 countries are coming to the American University in Bulgaria to receive a high quality education in English and to get a diploma recognized around the world. This is the most diverse new coming class ever accepted at AUBG, with 37 of students attending as exchange or visiting, and 54% of the students are foreigners. The student coming from the furthest point of the world is from Zimbabwe, Africa, and, for the first time, there will be a Canadian. Other students are from countries such as Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, and the USA.

All first year students receive some amount of financial aid from the University, with the amount determined by their performance on the SAT scores and based upon their family’s ability to pay. Twenty-seven percent of them also receive scholarships in addition to the financial aid.

The achievements of the freshmen are as colorful as their nationalities. One of them is a winner of the Albanian National Informatics Olympics, another one won the “Tirana Open”, a debate tournament in Albania. Among the AUBG students there is also a taekwondo national champion of Moldova and a Bulgarian that has won one 1st, three 2nd and two 3rd places in different fields of study on Olympics taking place in Tripoli, Libya.

The English high school, “Academy L. Stoianov” of Blagoevgrad, the English Language School - Plovdiv and the High School “Dobry Voynikov” of Sofia, are the schools from where the most of the Bulgarian students are accepted.

The uniqueness of AUBG is to offer a strong education in the American style of “liberal arts” in Southeastern Europe and to combine it with an international environment for residential life. This way, the students not only receive worldwide accepted education, but they also learn to appreciate the cultural differences, to enrich their points of view, and to adjust easily to changes of our dynamic world.

The faculty is also increasing with nine new faculty members, from Bulgaria, USA, England and New Zealand. Michael McGoldrick, from USA, a Stanford graduate will teach Economics; Philip Darley from England will join the department of “Journalism and Mass Communications”. He has worked for BBC, and has had assignments in Africa, Asia, Middle East and the Balkans; he will try to transmit part of his professional experience to his students of journalism.

From August 25, to 31, AUBG conducts the orientation week for the new students, during which they learn about campus life and visit the administrative offices, the library, the sports facilities, and the computer labs. Students from upper classes also show them the interesting places of Blagoevgrad. These first year student will also have the opportunity to register for classes a week before the rest of the other students, and the new academic year for the American university in Bulgaria will begin on September 1, 2008.

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