AUBG Welcomes Blagoevgrad High School Teachers on Campus

October 14, 2019

A few days after the world celebrated the International Teachers Day, AUBG invited Blagoevgrad’s high school teachers on campus to thank them for their work. The annual celebration gathered together AUBG students, faculty, staff and teachers coming from several Blagoevgrad high schools Oct. 9.

“It is especially meaningful to work with the teachers in Blagoevgrad because it is our hometown and our students interact with their students,” said AUBG Interim President Dr. David Evans. “Working with high school teachers, and especially in our community, is critical, and we would like to recognize them, bring them together, thank them and celebrate their work.”

AUBG and the high schools in Blagoevgrad often work together to provide both high school and university students with opportunities to meet, have fun and learn together.

“I am a good friend of AUBG,” said Rumyana Voinova, a German teacher at the National Humanitarian High School. “We host the best German evenings here at AUBG and both my students and I enjoy them a lot.”

“I have been attending the AUBG meetings for many years,” said Tanya Bikova, an English teacher at the Mathematics High School. “Thank you AUBG for being here because that gives meaning to my work and gives students a reason to aim high.”

Every year, many high achieving students from Blagoevgrad choose to stay in their hometown and continue their education at AUBG.

“We are thrilled to have a great relationship with the high school teachers in Blagoevgrad,” said Admissions Coordinator Aneta Panayotova. “It is to a great extent thanks to them that so many wonderful, motivated and ambitious young people from Blagoevgrad come to AUBG.”

AUBG female folklore ensemble Svetlina welcomed the guests with a special performance. 

"Such events make us feel part of a larger community,” said Sabina Wien, AUBG Professor and performer at Svetlina. “I want to say thank you to all the teachers of Blagoevgrad because I know their students and through their students, I think I know them too.”

Story by Dimana Doneva

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