​AUBG Summer Vibes

August 10, 2017

AUBG President Steven Sullivan addressed the community with some summer updates this week. “Whether you are a student at home or in the USA on work-and-travel, a faculty member concentrating on your academic research over the summer, or a staff member spending time on vacation with family, I hope your summer has been both restful and productive. Some of us remain on campus during most of the summer, and we have been at work preparing ourselves and the campus for the next academic year,” the president wrote.

The memo includes updates, summaries and general information on what’s been up in the university over the summer, starting with the Commencement ceremony in May, which as Sullivan mentioned, was double the amount of “crazy” for him as he wasn’t only playing a role of AUBG president, but also one of a parent of a graduating student. However, the Commencement weekend passed on the highest notes – the weather was perfect despite the forecast, the festivities had everyone in the best spirits, and the ceremony featuring the former United States Ambassador to Bulgaria John Beyrle left everyone inspired and proud.

A big part of the memo was dedicated to the summer events that take place on AUBG campus, as in contrast to what many think, our campus doesn’t turn into a ghost town over the summer months, but rather repopulates with hundreds of visitors who come for a variety of conferences, camps, competitions and seminars. For some of the AUBG staff, the summer months are, in fact, the busiest times of the year. Office of Events works year-round to bring people and events to campus that enrich the AUBG experience, but during the summer months they do extra work to bring a variety of external groups to campus to showcase AUBG and share our state-of-the-art venue with the world. This summer we had:

  • The Friedrich Neumann summer camp for high school students;
  • Our own summer camp for high school students;
  • The International Mathematics Competition;
  • The Student Institute for Mathematics and Informatics;
  • The Central Eurasian Leadership Alliance summer academy;
  • A teacher training workshop organized by the Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights;
  • A conference of the International Society for Intellectual History.

President Sullivan expressed particular warmth and appreciation for the conference of the International Society for Intellectual History, which brought academics from all over the world to AUBG in June. He conveyed special gratitude to Prof. Diego Lucci for bringing the event to AUBG.

In between all the visitors coming and going from campus, the summer provides the best time for the staff from the Facilities Office and the Office of Communications and Computing to undertake the repairs and upgrades to the campus classrooms, offices, residence halls, and computer labs. President Sullivan decided to keep the intrigue for those who have been away and wrote: “I don’t want to spoil the surprises by listing them all. I hope you’ll notice some of the new things we’ve added to make the campus a better place to live, work, study, or keep fit when you come.”

The update on the university enrollment status reassured that AUBG Admissions Office team has been hard at work all summer, recruiting students through the Rolling Admission part of the recruitment cycle. They’re also finalizing the plans for next year’s recruiting effort. Last week the representatives of AUBG’s new marketing partners were on campus to show their visual campaign plans for next year.  President Sullivan shared he was impatient to meet the next class of AUBG-ers in person at the end of August.

Sullivan also mentioned that the university is waiting for the official result on our Bulgarian institutional accreditation review last year, and that he believed AUBG would get an excellent score on their evaluation just as we have for many years now.

The last part of the president’s update concerned the financial state of the university, and in it he shared AUBG was in a “better financial health than at any other time in its history,” also mentioning that we were starting this academic year with no increases in tuition or mandatory fees for 2017-18 ay. The president also announced that his goal was to be able to recommend no increase for the academic year 2018-19, to the AUBG Board of Trustees – but this, according to him, depended on the success of the university’s recruiting and development efforts.

President Sullivan finished the memo by confirming he would continue to hold monthly community update meetings during the academic year and signed off with “I’m looking forward to welcoming everyone back to Blagoevgrad.”

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