AUBG Student Teams Win 5,000 BGN in Trading Competition

December 14, 2015

AUBG students got a chance to apply their knowledge in finance to practice trading this past semester. In September, the Investment Portfolio Management Challenge was organized by the Asset Trade & Management Club at AUBG in cooperation with Alaric Securities trading company. The competition successfully concluded with final presentations on Dec. 11 in the Auditorium of the Balkanski Academic Center.

For 12 weeks, the students bought and sold assets in order to make money online. All the trades were simulated, but the experience and the prizes that they got were real. Alaric Securities sponsored the winners with 5,000 BGN: 4,000 BGN for first place and 1,000 BGN for second.

The four teams that managed to get the highest return from their trades presented their accomplishments during the event. They told the judges – the CEO and the managing director of Alaric Securities – and other participants about the trading and decision-making strategies they used.

 “[We did not expect] how well-rounded and how diverse in the strategies the teams would be,” said Alaric Securities CEO Anton Panayotov. “Every team had something unique. Exceptional job, and how they did it, and it’s just the first year.”

The winner of the competition was the team of Edik Arakelyan, Jimsher Skhirtladze, Christine Soghomonyan, Tornike Gogniashvili, and Tamar Rukhadze. Arakelyan, the leader of the team, has been trading for 18 months. “The challenge gave me an opportunity to trade with bigger volumes as well as making higher returns in my personal investments,” he said, “I'll never let my money sit under a mattress but will invest it to make returns.”

The president of AT&M Club, Stancho Stanchev, admitted that there were problems with clarifying the rules to participants, “We were very pressured by time, and we had to improvise in many ways to be able to make an adequate competition and at the same time make sure that people learn something and get something out of it.”

Despite the challenges, the organizers and the participants were proud of the results.

“Overall, I consider the challenge a success, with definite room for improvement, but regardless of that still a good starting point for such a competition in AUBG,” Stanchev said.

During the competition, several lectures on finance and economics and workshops on trading were organized by AT&M and Alaric Securities. Panayotov said that the challenge would be organized again next year and would bring even better results.

Story by Diana Elagina
Photography by Diana Elagina

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