AUBG Student Presents Bulgaria in the UN

October 15, 2007

The first Bulgarian youth delegation to the United Nations was initiated by an AUBG student. Boryana Atanasova, majoring European Studies and Business Administration at AUBG, presented Bulgaria in the UN. For the first time the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has included youth representatives in the Bulgarian delegation to the United Nations General Assembly. Boryana took participation at the sessions of the General Assembly’s Third Committee on Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian questions from 8 to 13 October, during which global youth problems were discussed.

The inclusion of youth representatives is a priority for the UN since 1981, and until now there have been seven youth resolutions in which the member states are summoned to send young delegates, so that this social group could be more active in the process of decision-making. During the ongoing 62nd session of the General Assembly, from 192 member states, 19, among which Bulgaria, have followed the resolution. Through the participation of young delegates, Bulgaria is included in the list of the most progressive countries that not only put the youth among their national priorities but also actively include the youth in the process of preparation and execution of international and national plans of action for the resolution of that social group’s problems.

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