AUBG Job Fair Series: Kaufland

In the time leading up to the 26th Job and Internship Fair at AUBG, we will introduce you to some of the biggest companies to come to campus April 3. Kaufland is a leading grocery chain from Europe and is a subsidiary of the Schwarz Group, the world's fourth-largest retailer. Founded in Germany in 1984, Kaufland now operates almost 1,300 stores with 150,000 employees across seven European countries. In Bulgaria, Kaufland has 59 retail stores in 34 cities. In 2019, Kaufland Bulgaria won the Employer Branding Award in the "Innovation in Talent Management" category. Read what their representatives have to say about the company and make sure to meet them on campus next month.

The best description of Kaufland, that we can offer, starts in reverse – with what’s in our heart first. Formed by 59 retail stores in 34 cities in Bulgaria, it beats with the rhythm of the thousand cash register beeps that you are so used to hearing when you visit us on your way home by the end of a busy day. 

Always being in motion, we share the passion for outstanding quality, diversity and turning shopping into an experience. Dynamics, results, and accountability are not only our values but what drives us to constantly improve and make impactful decisions.

To know our world is to know variety – of people, stories and opportunities. We are one company that encompasses four realms – Headquarters, Logistics Center, IT Hub, and Retail Structure.

What unites us are our strong leading principles, that we refer to as “High five”. Those include on-point communication manner, respect, and trust towards our employees.  Moreover, we create dynamically, develop our teams and always lead by example.

The career choices that we offer are tailored to the needs of professionals from various backgrounds and qualification. From pupils, through students, to experts - everybody can find their place in one of our professional areas - sales, finance and administration, trade and marketing, facility management, corporate communications, and HR.

Furthermore, our innovative talent management program “Lead the future” is tailored towards giving young talents strong career start by guiding them through 12-month praxis orientated introduction into the dynamic processes in our excitement-charged world. Upon its completion, every successful participant is given the chance to join the company as a senior specialist or store supervisor depending on the previously chosen area of development.

 We are proud of our strong team of superheroes, that are not only actively engaged in their field but are always ready to have fun together or give back by participating in different social and environmental initiatives that we organize on regular basis. No matter whether you are passionate about fighting pollution or deforestation or have a social cause especially close to your heart, you will be able to give your contribution as a volunteer in one of the many projects that we put into action during the whole year.

What does the future hold? As we continue to grow, we face challenges that drive constant improvement, we open up and our rhythm speeds up more than ever so that we can reach for amazing and be the top employer that everyone deserves to have.

This article is published in partnership with Kaufland, a gold sponsor of the 26th Annual Job and Internship Fair at the American University in Bulgaria.

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