AUBG Job Fair Series: Gtmhub

In the time leading up to the 26th Job and Internship Fair at AUBG, we will introduce to some of the biggest companies to come to campus April 3. Gtmhub is a leading OKRs management and employee experience solution. Read more about what the company representatives have to share about their business and make sure to meet them on campus in April.

Founded in Sofia in 2015 and with offices in San Francisco, London, and Berlin, Gtmhub is the world’s most beautiful and intuitive OKRs management and employee experience solution. Our software helps organizations amplify revenue growth by aligning every employee with the corporate purpose using the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) method. We're also big believers in the power of employee experience to drive productivity, so our product facilitates best practice employee success features. At heart, we are product people, which has meant Gtmhub has become the world's most beautiful and intuitive OKRs management platform. And we love data so much that we built the only such solution that integrates more than 150 data connectors to allow for true automation of progress and productivity management.

Our Approach

We try and not take ourselves too seriously! Our principles? Have fun, experiment and break some rules, reach escape velocity, excite and enthuse teams, and become (and help our customers become) THE place to work in our industry by building technology that gives everyone the freedom, tools, and support to perform like true rock stars.

Why OKRs and employee success?

We don't think OKRs are just about the organization. They're also about the individuals without whom there would be no organization. The aggregate is just the sum of its parts, and we think OKRs should empower and facilitate both.

Gtmhub is not all about how the organization is measuring and monitoring employees. It also gives every employee an equal amount of powerful insight and intuition about them as a person in the role they occupy and how they can continuously improve.

It's OKRs combined with employee success that creates greater adoption, engagement with Gtmhub and higher utility and accuracy of data all throughout - making the level of impact far greater.

This article is published in partnership with Gtmhub, a gold sponsor of the 26th Annual Job and Internship Fair at the American University in Bulgaria.

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