AUBG Grieves Over the Loss of Professor Cosmina Tanasoiu

August 10, 2016

The AUBG community mourns the loss of beloved professor, colleague and friend Cosmina Tanasoiu. Professor Tanasoiu passed away in Geneva on Aug. 5 after a long battle with cancer.

The sad news caused an outpouring of grief among the university community as faculty and staff members, students and alumni shared their condolences online and paid tribute to Professor Tanasoiu and her remarkable contribution to the AUBG community.   

 “Since Cosmina joined AUBG in 2002, she contributed in so many ways to making the University a better place,” AUBG President Stratsi Kulinski wrote in an email to the AUBG community.  “Cosmina had a positive impact on the lives of students and colleagues alike. She had the spirit, energy, and ideas that left a lasting memory.”  

Professor Tanasoiu taught politics, established AUBG’s program in European Studies, empowered students to create the European Society Club and the Model EU and advised Honors-track students working on senior theses.  

But beyond her undoubted intellectual capacity and unyielding professional dedication, Professor Tanasoiu was a devoted mentor and friend that left a lasting mark on the minds and hearts of everyone who knew her.   

 “Those who knew her well will always remember her not just as one of the best professors they have had but as an extraordinary human being, a do-gooder, a gifted leader, a team player, an advisor, a mentor, a soldier, a hero. A friend!” This is what AUBG alumnus Daniel Penev (‘16) wrote in a social media post honoring the memory of Professor Tanasoiu.  

Despite going through a long and exhausting medical treatment in Switzerland, Professor Tanasoiu stayed dedicated to her mission to educate until the end.  

“Prof. Tanasoiu never stopped teaching,” Penev wrote. “If she was not able to be present in the classroom, she was teaching from a distance. When she had a few days off in between treatment procedures, she would come back to AUBG to teach in person. She never complained, she was never sad, she was never pessimistic. Just the opposite – she was full of energy, enthusiasm and passion to keep doing what she could do best: teach, inspire and lead by example.”

AUBG professors also shared their sadness with beautiful tributes.

“A day has passed and I still refuse to believe that Cosmina Tanasoiu is gone from this world,” Professor Sabina Wien wrote on Saturday. “To me she not only spoke provokingly about superheroes and politics, she herself was a superhero. And wherever she is now, she still hasn't changed, I am sure of that. Blessed are the souls around her. I guess you feel better now, dear friend, but I will still miss you.”

Members of the AUBG administration also expressed their respect and affection towards Professor Tanasoiu.

“Cosmina has left her impact onto many young souls and showed us what a true fighter is,” Evgenia MacDonald, office manager to the Dean of Faculty, wrote. “Although severely ill, she never missed a deadline, never failed to offer assistance, always has found a way to offer a helping hand, and was an excellent mentor, colleague and friend. May her soul find peace and may the light be with her. It is a sad day for the AUBG family.”

Originally from Romania, Professor Tanasoiu joined AUBG after completing her PhD studies 13 years ago. She used to chair the joint department of Political Science and European Studies and has been published in a number of prestigious European journals.   

“The loss of Cosmina Tanasoiu is a tremendous loss for her family and friends,” Penev wrote. “It is also a loss for the entire AUBG community, for international academia, for European politics, for her native Romania, and for Bulgaria, which over the years turned into a second home for her.”

By Dimana Doneva

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