AUBG Drawing Class Students Present Artwork at ABF

December 10, 2018

The AUBG community can now enjoy an exhibition of student artwork at ABF Student Center’s ground floor. The paintings, work of AUBG
Beginning Drawing Class taught by Prof. Issay Penchev were presented at an opening event Dec. 7.

Teaching fine arts is an integral part of AUBG’s commitment to support students in their process of discovery and creativity. “During the educational process at AUBG, regular encounters with art have both inspiring and relaxing effect on students,” Penchev said. “And this is also what liberal education pursues among other things, fulfillment and enjoyment in the artistic achievements of the human enterprise - both past and present.”

“I used to draw when I was little and when I saw that there is this opportunity to take a drawing class in college it was amazing,” said Aleksandra Kisova, one of the AUBG students who had their paintings displayed at the exhibition. “I feel like now I know a lot more about different techniques in drawing and I really enjoyed the class- the process and the art environment.”

According to Penchev, art plays an important role in one’s personal and professional development. “Practicing pictorial art inevitably helps students develop a better judgment in matters of taste,” he said. “In teaching drawing, I constantly encourage students to seek and explore new ways of self-expression.”

Story by Dimana Doneva
Photos by Igor Grinin

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