Anastasiya and Yulia Chernavskaya: Dancing Toward a Bright Future

Graceful movements. Perfectly executed somersaults. Smooth backbends and effortless side splits. Synchronized leaps and flips. And yes, dazzling smiles.

The Chernavskaya twins danced their way into AUBG – literally so. At “AUBG’s Got Talent” show in August 2009, having just arrived in Blagoevgrad from Russia, Anastasiya and Yulia Chernavskaya drew cheers for their expert acrobatic performance from an enthusiastic crowd of AUBGers. 

Appreciative audiences are something the Chernavskayas are used to. They started taking dancing lessons at the age of two, at five they took up gymnastics, and at ten were already specializing in sports aerobics. In addition to practicing various sports, the girls are expert horse riders. Furthermore, snowboarding is a huge passion, and the sisters cannot wait for the moment when they will be able to slide down the slopes of the nearby Pirin and Rila mountains, which offer great conditions for winter sports. For their numerous sporting achievements the Chernavskayas are listed in The Book of the Most Gifted Youth of Russia.

Through their participation in various aerobics tournaments, the girls visited many countries, and there is a story to tell about each place they have been to. Bulgaria really struck them: With its warm people and natural beauty, it is one of the most fabulous countries they have ever seen, they say.

The twins are also artistically talented. They took several drawing and music courses, successfully balancing them with studying at school. Nastya, which is the way Anastasiya’s friends call her, enjoys playing the guitar, while Yulia cannot imagine her life without a camera.

The sister team also manage to pack frequent trips to the theater into their busy schedules, with both girls admitting to being obsessed with theater. Back in Russia, they spent whole days in the local theater, talking to actors, discussing the plays, or simply admiring someone’s performance. “Observing your friends acting on stage is terrific,” Yulia says. “They are completely different people in everyday life.” Nastya adds, “We’d like to keep up with this habit in Blagoevgrad. It’s fabulous to watch people play and the language doesn’t really matter to us.”

Choosing a university was a daunting task for such multitalented individuals. Nastya was considering an artistic or journalistic education or advanced English studies while Yulia had theatrical and medical careers in mind. But after weighing all the pros and cons of studying in Russia and abroad, the girls decided that a liberal arts education at AUBG would allow them to best develop their versatile interests. They were fascinated by the possibility of studying in one of the most diverse communities in Europe and getting a top-notch diploma recognized all over the world. They say they couldn’t have made a better choice. With Nastya as a first-year student, and Yulia having just completed an intensive English prep program at AUBG’s English Language Institute, the girls are already involved in numerous extracurricular activities that allow them to apply their various gifts. 

Nastya and Yulia have achieved a lot so far but they never brag about their accomplishments or make a big deal out of their success. They’re confident, persistent, and incredibly hard-working. The girls don’t have any exact career paths in mind yet and say they don’t plan to limit themselves to any particular profession. The Chernavskayas can rest assured that the future holds ample opportunities for people who can handle multiple tasks at the same time and can quickly adapt to different circumstances while remaining calm and positive.


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