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A Web-Based Introduction to Programming, by Mike O'Kane

December 10, 2017

A Web-Based Introduction to Programming is intended for beginning courses and provides a step-by-step, hands-on introduction to the logic and design of computer programs. The book takes a Web programming approach to introduce fundamental programming principles and procedures as follows: interfaces and markup (including a short introduction to stylesheets); algorithm development; coding syntax; variables and assignments; arithmetic and boolean expressions; selection structures; repetition structures; simple file processing; testing and debugging; indexed and associative arrays; database programming with MySQL; and program modularity, with a focus on the use and creation of functions and function libraries. The book also briefly surveys emerging technologies.

Students learn to analyze requirements, design algorithms, and code solutions in the form of small Web applications using HTML, PHP and MySQL. By unzipping a fully-functional standalone Web server to a portable drive students can work in any location with no need for network accounts or Internet access. Instructors will find that the approach is very popular with students who appreciate the hands-on work and thoroughly enjoy creating Web-based programs.

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