380 Mathematicians from 48 Countries Compete at AUBG

August 03, 2016

AUBG embraced diversity once again in the middle of summer with the International Mathematics Competition (IMC) 2016. 380 students from 48 countries took part in the world’s biggest mathematics contest for university students hosted at AUBG and organized by University College London July 25-31.

“I hope you are in for a wonderful ride,” AUBG President Stratsi Kulinski said in his welcoming speech to the students at the Dr. Carl Djerassi Theater Hall July 26. “You have a challenging week ahead of you full of competition and, I hope, also a lot of excitement about what you are going to see in Bulgaria.”

The jury handed more than 100 awards in total to distinguished participants at the closing ceremony on July 30. Mikhail Grigorev from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Stanislav Ershov from the St. Petersburg State University, Martin Vodicka from Comenius University, Bratislava and Tom Kalvari from the Israeli National Team of Tel Aviv University took home the grand first prizes.

“We have some of the best young mathematicians in the world coming here,” said Professor John Jayne, president of IMC. But in addition to being a prestigious competition that helps students in their career and PhD pursuit, IMC also serves another important purpose, Jayne said.

“For a lot of [students] this is a wonderful opportunity to meet people from different countries, from other cultures,” he said.

And AUBG turned out to be an appropriate venue for an event of such scale and diversity.

“For the past six or seven years we have returned to Blagoevgrad because simply [AUBG] has the best facilities and the best systems here,” Jayne said. “The American University in Bulgaria provides excellent facilities, absolutely brilliant, cooperative, friendly help that we have never matched in any other location.”

While in Bulgaria, The IMC participants had a chance to not only test their mathematical skills but also go on trips to UNESCO Heritage Site Rila Monastery and the natural cultural reserve and city-museum Melnik.

Mathematicians from more than 200 universities from 50 countries have taken part in the past 23 editions of the International Mathematics Competition.

Story by Dimana Doneva
Photography by Sofia Volkhonskaya

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