20 Years of Piano and Harp at AUBG Concert – the Magic of Sound and Music

December 12, 2014

On Wednesday, December 3, AUBG marked the 20th anniversary of its Piano and Harp class with an amazing applied harp and piano concert. The event brought together AUBG faculty, students, staff, and many guests who came to share this special moment with Dr. Anna-Maria Ravnopolska-Dean, who founded the class two decades ago. As a special surprise, several AUBG alumni returned to AUBG for the concert to share in the joy and to congratulate her on this personal and professional milestone.

Ravnopolska-Dean opened the concert by first sharing the story of how she began teaching Piano and Harp at AUBG and of the impressive number of students she’s introduced to the beautiful world of music since. 

Following her emotional introduction, a multimedia presentation allowed all in attendance to relive some of the best moments of past concerts organized by her and her students. The beautiful music and memories created an intimate, thrilling atmosphere that prepared the guests for the concert.

The concert itself began with harp performances, followed by virtuoso piano pieces. The students performed in a variety of music genres at various levels of difficulty. 

Ravnopolska-Dean also played on both the piano and harp, bringing great pleasure and satisfaction to those present. Kumush Nepesova, yet another talented current student of Ravnopolska-Dean, provided a pleasing surprise by performing her own original compositions.

The event concluded with a reception, where guests had the chance to meet Ravnopolska-Dean and to congratulate her on her undeniable talent and for twenty successful years of introducing young people to music.

Story by Nelly Ovcharova
Photos by Toma Tetimov

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