11th Student Faculty Research Conference "Fellowship of the Mind" Celebrates Academic Achievement at AUBG

April 25, 2017

The AUBG Eleventh Student Faculty Research Conference "Fellowship of the Mind" 2017 in memoriam Professor Cosmina Tanasoiu took place on April 22 at Balkanski Academic Center and the ABF Theater. Traditionally, the goal of the conference is to present a forum of discussions, to celebrate research accomplishments and promote communication and cooperation among students and faculty.

The conference consisted of different sessions, where participants from different disciplines attended the sessions of other departments. Both students and faculty presented and debated their research.

The keynote speaker of the conference was Annick Steta, associate research fellow in economics at the European Research Center in Financial Economics and Business Management (CEREFIGE, University of Lorraine, France). Her presentation was titled "Is Creative Destruction Still Working?"

Steta closed her speech with an emotional quote, "You should go towards any opportunity to learn something, even something that will not keep your job, but something that will help you grow into an educated, skilled, smart person. I am sure that someone that would agree with this statement is Cosmina Tanasoiu. She was probably the most dedicated teacher I know. She was the only professor I met who always talked about her students and the American University in Bulgaria. Before meeting Cosmina I didn’t know that this university existed, but after a week I knew a lot about it.”

The conference continued with two splendid vocal performances of AUBG senior Boryana Ilyova (soprano) accompanied by professor Hristo Krotev on the piano.

Story and photos by Greta Talmaci

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