Naming Opportunities

Named opportunities advance the American University of Bulgaria strategic priorities. They help us strengthen academic programs, expand facilities and attract outstanding faculty and students.

We develop facilities which ensure that the AUBG physical plant serves the needs of world-class university education, while maintaining one of the most remarkable campuses in the region. Naming opportunities allow certain names to grace place which are truly representative for our community. They become part of daily campus life for students and faculty and carry lifelong memories and meaning for generations ahead.

AUBG provides a representative sample of named gift opportunities and welcomes development of additional naming opportunities commensurate with donors’ specific interests.

Career Center

The Career Center provides students and alumni  with services and resources to empower them as  they make critical life decisions and pursue career  success. Naming the place where the journey of  life after AUBG begins is a unique opportunity, which is very appropriate for both individuals and companies.


Main Atrium

The central atrium is the wide open space between the ground and first floor of the ABF Center. It is positioned between two elevators on one side and the open main staircase on the other. Located at the heart of the ABF building, this is an area of high activity and continual dynamics which serves as an infrastructural bridge which leads to some of the most important and visited places on campus.



The café is situated next to the main atrium in the ABF Student Center and brought to the side with an impressive open air porch with wooden decking. A focal point of student social life, it is a place with vivid atmosphere, bright spirit and excellent visitor turnover. The café enjoys a lot of interest from both the AUBG and Blagoevgrad communities.

We are Social