​My Favorite Professor

My Favorite Professor: Honoring Those Who Elevate Us

“My Favorite Professor” is an award established on the occasion of celebrating the AUBG EMBA 15th Anniversary. The goal of the award is to honor the hard work and dedication of those who excel in harnessing the power of knowledge to transform lives and progress careers.  

This year, AUBG gives EMBA students and alumni the chance to award the instructor who has inspired them the most during their course of study in the program.

How does it work?

If you are a current AUBG EMBA student or an AUBG EMBA alumnus, you can nominate your favorite professor by sending an email to execed@aubg.edu. Please use the phrase “My Favorite Professor” as the subject line. All nominations should be received before March 30.

All current and past AUBG EMBA instructors are eligible for nomination.

The winner will be announced at the EMBA anniversary celebration on May 10, 2018.

Don’t miss the chance to show your appreciation to those who inspire you!

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