The Broadway Performance Club was established in 2007 by a group of students passionate about musical theater. Every year a new show is being produced at AUBG. The work starts in the beginning of the school year and up until the premiere in early Spring. The weekly schedule includes more than 18 hours of dancing, acting and singing rehearsals. The cast consists of around 30 people from various nationalities with little or extensive experience in the performing arts, but are all excited to be part of something special. Each musical is entirely organized by students - both when it comes to the music, directing and choreographing the show as well as finding sponsors, planning out a tour and doing promotion on various platforms.

Creative Team

Denitsa Hristova - producer
Sophie Volkhonskaya - director
Stanislav Kimchev - assistant director
Bogdan Dimitrov - assistant director / choreographer
Gergana Velichkova - vocal director
Asya Minkova - assistant vocal director
Aleksiya Kokolios - choreographer
Zura Pertsuliani - choreographer
Tsvetiana Zaharieva - member


2008 - Chicago 2013 - Memphis
2009 - West Side Story 2014 - All Shook Up
2010 - Hairspray 2015 - Burlesque
2011 - Moulin Rouge 2016 - Catch Me If You Can
2012 - Grease 2017 - Rock of Ages


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