• 5 years professional experience
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Aspired to increase business literacy and soft skills as part of self-growth


  • Management experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree

Disclaimer: AUBG strives to create a consistent group of participants with similar profiles and experience for better learning process and exchange of knowledge within the group.


Participants can apply by answering the questions below either in a written form (400 - 800 words in total) or in a video recording (60 - 120 seconds). In case applicants choose the second option, they will not be evaluated on video effects and quality of the video, rather than its content and originality.

1. What is the most important achievement that you recognize in your professional journey and why?
2. If you can take part in a project that leads to betterment of our society, what would that be? Please explain.
3. How do you expect this program will make you better?

In addition to answering the questions, participants should also send us a link to their updated LinkedIn profiles.

Deadline: 26 April by 6 p.m.

Applications must be sent to

Applicants who did not follow the procedures will not be eligible for the program. A minimum of 10 participants is required for the Mini MBA to be launched.

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