Meal Plan

You can utilize the AUBG Meal Plan at different places across the campus, including the dorms and the Main Building. Instead of spending time shopping and cooking, you can focus on studying and relaxing with friends, and still enjoy great food. Best of all, you’ll get a bonus of over 10% bonus.

Menu Explained ~Price per day For the Academic
Semester (80 days)
Our offer
Pay        Get
Basic Obligatory $100 $100    $100
Breakfast, full course
lunch and dinner, incl. deserts, soft drinks
$14 $1,120 $900  $1020           
Meal Plan
Breakfast, lunch and 
dinner - simple/vegetarian
style menu
$10 $800 $670    $750
Meal Plan 
$8 $600 $540     $600

During the semester, you can always add some more money to your Meal Plan. A bonus of 10% is applicable for any investment over $100.

We also offer you a 10% discount for any precooked dishes after 8.00 pm and a 10% discount for any dish you take in your own box.

  • At the end of the semester, the money left from the Meal Plan deposit will be transferred to next semester.
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