Meal Plan

With AUBG’s Meal Plan options, you (and your parents) won’t have to worry about what you are going to eat ever again. Depending on your preferences, we offer an Economy, Silver or Gold Meal Plan that you can use anywhere on campus, from the ABF dining hall and café to the Skapto 1 café and Main Building. Instead of spending time shopping and cooking, you can focus on your studies and still enjoy great food. Best of all, you’ll get a bonus of ~15%! 

Didn’t manage to spend the entire Meal Plan by the end of the semester? Don’t worry, the money left will be transferred to the next semester. At the end of your course of study, you can spend any unused Meal Plan money in the bookstore on campus.

Explained Price per day, USD (est.) Academic Semester (80 school days) Pay Get
Gold Meal Plan Breakfast, full course Lunch and Dinner, incl. dessert, soft drink 14 $1120 $900 $1200
Silver Meal Plan Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner – simple/vegetarian-style menu 10 $800 $650 $900
Economy Meal Plan 8 $600 $500 $720
Obligatory Meal Plan (basic University Requirement) $150 $150 $300
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