Mathematics Minor

The Mathematics minor is based on a diversity of courses in pure and applied Mathematics. Students who complete the Minor will acquire an essential background in some important branches of classical Mathematics, Statistics and their applications. The minor will provide also an opportunity for students to develop significant mathematical skills with a selection of advanced courses, which will introduce them to some modern lines of contemporary Mathematics and its applications to other sciences.

Total: 6 courses

Required Courses (6 courses):

MAT 103 Calculus I
MAT 104 Calculus II
MAT 105 Elementary Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry
MAT 212 Calculus III
MAT 201 Mathematical Statistics
MAT 213 Introduction to Differential Equations

Elective Courses (1 course):

One (1) course from the following:

MAT 201 Mathematical Statistics
MAT 205 Introduction to Abstract Algebra
MAT 213 Introduction to Differential Equations
MAT 214 Numerical Analysis
MAT 225 Advanced Linear Algebra
MAT 305 Topics in Abstract Algebra
MAT 313 Calculus IV
MAT 314 Complex Analysis
MAT 315 Real Analysis

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