Mathematics and Science Department

Discover the beauty, symmetry and logic of Nature and its laws

If you have an inquisitive mind and like to find out how things work or to solve puzzles, then you may have “the right stuff” to become a mathematician. The study of mathematics will make you a smarter, more logical person, it will add unexpected beauty and the joy of discovery to your life, and it will open the door to further study of advanced subjects.

Mathematics is the language used to describe the very fabric of life, the laws of Nature, and is a powerful tool to help you understand economics, probability, statistics and business. It helps you make better decisions too and understand risk.

AUBG Mathematics graduates have gone on to pursue advanced research, to win prizes and to further their studies at prestigious institutes. Our faculty members are diverse and fascinated by the natural world and its laws. They challenge and inspire you to discover both the fundamental branches of modern and classical theory, and their application in advanced topics.

The Department of Mathematics and Science offers a major and minor in Mathematics, as well as courses in Math and Science supporting the general education requirements at the University.

The Mathematics minor provides students with an essential background in some important branches of classical mathematics, statistics, and their applications.

Did you know that:
  • Several of our students have done in the past or are doing now mathematical research, leading to original results – in number theory, algebra, geometry, topology and braid groups. This is not a small achievement, considering the complexity of the field.
  • 2006 graduate Vesna Stojanoska and AUBG Science Professor Orlin Stoychev won the 2009 Allendoerfer Award of the Mathematical Association of America for best expository article in Mathematics Magazine.
  • Two AUBG students, under the leadership of Mathematics Professor Hristo Iliev, won silver medals at the South Eastern European Mathematical Olympiad for University Students (SEEMOUS) in spring 2011.
  • A large number of students majoring in mathematics continue their education in some of the most prestigious graduate programs in the world.
  • AUBG students and professors organize initiatives to raise awareness of environmental degradation.
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