Loans for International Students

About the Program

International students, who are not full scholarship recipients and have a CGPA higher than or equal to 2.5, are eligible to apply for student loans from First Investment Bank and UniCredit Bulbank. According to the Bulgarian bank legislation, applicants must be at least of the age of 18 to get a bank loan. Each loan application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. FIB, Unicredit Bulbank and AUBG reserve the right to refuse to provide a student loan at their own discretion.

First Investment Bank offers student loans up to 10,000 EUR. More information is available here.

Unicredit Bulbank offers to AUBG international students a student loan up to 6,250 BGN (around 3,125 Euro) per semester or 50,000 BGN (25,000 Euro) per the whole period of 8-semester attendance to cover part of the tuition costs only. More information is also available here

Loan Application Procedure

  • Contact the bank in early December/April for the respective semester and fill in the loan application form.
  • Pay the loan application fee (application documents will not be reviewed until the fee is paid).
  • The bank will then contact AUBG Loan Office to confirm your student status and the amount the loan is going to cover.
  • When the loan application is approved, the student must sign a loan contract with the bank. The loan funds will not be transferred to AUBG until the contract is signed by the student.

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