Our Mission

All of the activities of the Student Loan Office revolve around the mission of the office - to help students fund their education and fulfill their potential in an environment that fosters their intellectual and personal development. We help students determine the best options for financing their education; we ensure that they are properly informed about their responsibilities as borrowers and that they fully understand the loan terms and conditions for repayment.

The student loan could be your first major financial agreement. You need to do the groundwork, take a look at the information, disclosed by the banking institutions and be aware of your options. Many loans have repayment options and benefits like interest-only payments, while the student is still in school, fixed payments, and others. Reading the student loan paperwork carefully can help you fully understand the terms and conditions of the loan.

Before signing the loan contract, you should keep in mind that student loans must be repaid with interest, regardless of whether you graduate from school or not. Successful repayment can be the foundation for a strong credit history and a bright financial future.

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