Literature Minor

The purpose of the literature minor is to offer students interested in literature the opportunity to study in-depth canonical texts and contemporary works or even delve into producing their own literary texts. This minor is designed to initiate students into the diverse literatures of the world in order to sharpen their awareness of the imagination’s power to represent and shape human life and thought within and across cultural boundaries.

The objectives of the Literature Minor are: 

  • to help students develop their ability to read closely and analyze literary texts
  • to help students understand the place of literature in the larger cultural context of representative texts
  • to help students hone their skills in researching and writing about literature
  • to help students produce pieces of poetry or prose of their own and offer critiques of their peers’ writing in a real context

Total: 6 courses

Required Course (1 Course):
     ENG 210 Introduction to Literature 

This course is mandatory for all students taking the minor and should be completed before students take the 300-level courses.

Elective Courses (5 courses)

At least one of the following Principles of Literary Analysis courses:

     ENG 205 Creative Writing: Fiction
     ENG 206 Creative Writing: Poetry
     ENG 231 World Literature: Landmark Texts 
     ENG 232 World Literature: Literatures in Translation
     ENG 241 American Literature: Beginnings to 1865
     ENG 242 American Literature: 1865 to Present
     ENG 251 British Literature: Beginnings to 1785
     ENG 252 British Literature: 1785 to Present
     ENG 260 Balkan Literature

At least three of the following Literary Case Studies courses: 

    ENG 300 The Bible as Literature
    ENG 306 Fiction Workshop
    ENG 340 Topics in American Literature
    ENG 350 Topics in British Literature
    ENG 360 Topics in Literary Theory and Criticism
    ENG 370 Genre and Topical Studies
    FLM 371 History, Memory, and Narrative in Balkan Cinema
    ENG 380 Major Authors
    ENG 388 Shakespeare

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