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EUobserver TRIAL

October 05, 2016
Panitza Library is pleased to inform you that from October 5th UNTIL NOVEMBER 4TH, 2016 we will have a free trial access to EUobserver. EUobserver []…
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October – The Information Literacy Awareness Month

October 04, 2016
“An informed and educated citizenry is essential to the functioning of our modern democratic society.” – Barack Obama, 2009
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Fascinate: How to Make Your Brand Impossible to Resist. By Sally Hogshead

October 03, 2016
There’s the most important question of all: How can your brand become impossible to resist? Fascinating brands can command prices 400% higher than similar products. Master…
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New LibGuide - Free Educational Mobile Applications

September 29, 2016
There are numerous applications on the educational market. This particular guide illustrates how education can be adapted to the mobile environment, and how the library can…
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There Is Life after College. By Jeffrey J. Selingo

September 26, 2016
About the book: There Is Life After College offers students, parents, and even recent graduates the practical advice and insight they need to jumpstart their careers. Education…
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The New ABCs Of Research. By Ben Shneiderman

September 19, 2016
The problems we face in the 21st century require innovative thinking from all of us, be it students, academics, business researchers, or government policy makers. Hopes for…
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Media & culture: mass communication in a digital age. By Richard Campbell, Christopher R. Martin, Bettina Fabos

September 12, 2016
The new 2016 update of _Media & Culture_ covers revisions in the net neutrality laws, shifts in viewing habits, new forms of online activism, etc. Through new infographics,…
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