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The Origins of Everything in 100 Pages (More or Less), by David Bercovici

February 27, 2017
With wonder, wit, and flair geophysicist David Bercovici explains how everything came to be everywhere, from the creation of stars and galaxies to the formation of Earth’s…
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International week - Panel discussion: "Culture and morality"

February 20, 2017
Prof. Lucci, Prof. Wien, and Prof. Pantelides will reveal the secrets of different culture norms and morality. Where are the borders in what we can eat, drink, and do? Where…
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What journalism could be? By Barbie Zelizer

February 12, 2017
Imagining what journalism could be involves stretching beyond the already known. Zelizer enumerates journalism's considerable current challenges while suggesting bold…
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Panitza Library Subject weeks: What’s new in Business & Economics?

February 06, 2017
WHEN? FEBRUARY 6TH – 12TH WHERE? PANITZA LIBRARY’S REFERENCE DESK Find out: * how to use the BUS/ECO databases; * how to find information on a specific topic, *…
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Photoviz: visualizing information through photography. By Nicolas

February 05, 2017
Combining cutting-edge technology and classic photographic techniques enables us to tell stories and visualize information more powerfully and compactly than ever. Striking…
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Book Presentations & Readings Series: “Organizational Change Management Strategies in Modern Business”, by Prof. Asli Goksoy, Feb. 7, 2017

February 03, 2017
Scholars agree that change has become a staple in organizational life and will likely remain as such beyond the 21st century. As the rate of change continues to accelerate,…
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Free Trial access to POLITICOPro

January 30, 2017
Did you know you can now trial POLITICO Pro’s real-time policy content designed for academics? From JANUARY 30 – FEBRUARY 13, take advantage of POLITICO Pro premium policy…
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Critical thinking, reading and writing: a brief guide to argument. By Sylvan Barnet, Hugo Bedau and John O'Hara

January 29, 2017
The book Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing is a compact but thorough guide to critical thinking and argumentation. With comprehensive coverage of classic and contemporary…
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