About Panitza Library

Welcome to Panitza Library – the heart of the University!

AUBG Library is named for Dimitry and Yvonne Panitza as a sign of gratitude for their continuous support and inspiration. They have helped to develop the Library into a modern center of learning and research.

Our goal is to use a combination of traditional and new technology-driven sources in a creative way to support and inspire all our students on their academic journey. Providing state-of-the-art facilities, comfortable reading areas and friendly atmosphere, the Library has become a favorite spot for not only scholastic and cultural lectures but also mere students’ gatherings.

We are dedicated to actively support and contribute to the success of AUBG students and faculty. Our collection consists of over 120 000 books, 300 000 eBooks, 40 000 electronic journals, etc. Apart from that we provide access to thousands of top-library collections around the world via the Interlibrary Loan service. And being always sensitive to the patrons’ needs, we encourage them to submit suggestions for new titles to further expand and complement our resources. Over the years students have ranked and still choose Panitza Library as the No.1 service on campus. What most patrons benefit from is the Library’s flexible working hours which best suit them to study and socialize.

Panitza Library advances the University’s goals by guaranteeing an easy access to valuable and reliable information on and off campus. Offering a variety of sources and reference help for the whole AUBG community, we work consistently towards meeting individual needs. Furthermore, our innovative Information Literacy program helps students develop their own research skills and make the most of the Library’s extensive resources. This program is integrated into students’ course curricula and delivered collaboratively with faculty. Hence we play an essential role in studying, teaching, and research at the University.

We cordially invite you to visit us and explore all we have to offer – both in person and online. Feel free to share suggestions of how we might make your research lives better. We are here to help you succeed!

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