Dr. David Evans, President

Dr. David Evans has been with AUBG since the summer of 2019 when he was appointed Interim President.  

The AUBG Board of Trustees voted at its January 2021 board meeting to extend President Evans’s contract for two years, until June 2023, "to give him the opportunity to build on his current successes, to further streamline AUBG’s organizational structure, and to launch the ambitious strategic initiatives developed under his guidance," said Acting Chair of the Board Victoria Entwistle. 

“It is a privilege to be appointed as AUBG’s Interim President,” Dr. Evans said when he joined the university. “I have heard so many astonishing success stories about the AUBG alumni, faculty and students and am thrilled to become a part of this special institution that is transforming the region and the world. Meeting with some of the AUBG Board members, alumni, students, faculty and staff recently, I was impressed by their shared passion, love and dedication for the university. I look forward to working with such an impressive group of people and am confident that together we will continue to contribute to the prosperity of AUBG.”

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