​Journalism and Mass Communication Minor

Journalism and Mass Communication 

The Journalism and Mass Communication Minor introduces students to the theoretical framework of the fundamentals of journalism and mass communication and gives students the opportunity to develop professional skills in information gathering, critical thinking and analysis, writing, editing, and reporting. The electives allow students to choose an area of interest for further development. The skills taught in the courses of a JMC minor are applicable to most professions as they involve learning to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively with text and images. 

Total: 6 courses

Required Courses (5 courses):

JMC 141 Communications, Media & Society 
JMC 150 Writing for Media
JMC 200 Visual Communication Theory and Practice
JMC 220 Multimedia Journalism
JMC 356 Media Law and Ethics

Elective Courses (1 course)

Any other JMC course or INF 240 Website Development.

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