Integrated Marketing Communications

The minor in Integrated Marketing Communications will enable interested students to build advanced skills that are in demand across a variety of professional arenas. The minor will be geared towards students interested in demonstrating a specific skill/knowledge set in marketing and communications to enhance their majors. The minor will be structured to help students gain advanced knowledge in marketing and communications, as well as specific skills that are directly applicable to professional contexts across different fields. A strong focus will be placed on developing specific capacities that are in demand in the contemporary professional arena, such as social media communications. 

By the completion of the Integrated Marketing Communications minor, students will possess:

  • a general knowledge of marketing and the role of media in society; 
  • a working knowledge of how to conceive of, conduct interviews for, report, and write accurate, informative, and original news stories from multiple sources; 
  • knowledge of public relations and advertising tools (such as press releases, e-mails, and social media) to communicate an organization's mission internally and externally; 
  • knowledge of and practical skills in the communication tools necessary for a successful integrated marketing communications plan; 
  • advanced professional skills that can be applied across different professional contexts (public and private sector, profit or non-for-profit, multinational companies, startups, etc.). 

Total: 6 courses 

Required Courses (4 courses)
JMC 141 Communication, Media and Society
JMC 150 Writing for Media
BUS 260 Marketing (or ENT261 Marketing for Entrepreneurs)
BUS 362 Marketing Research 

Elective Courses (6 credit hours)
JMC 220 Multimedia Journalism
JMC 370 Public Relations Fundamentals
JMC 389 Advertising Fundamentals
BUS 361 Consumer Behavior
ENT462 New Product Development
BUS 468 Topics in Marketing Practice
BUS 469 Topics in Marketing
JMC 480 Topics in Media

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