How to Apply - Transfer

Would you like to transfer credits from a previous university and continue your education at AUBG?  We welcome transfer students and appreciate their contribution to AUBG through maturity and fresh appreciation of the AUBG advantages. To evaluate your talent and academic potential, we give careful consideration to all of your documents,  school and university grades, the interview, and more.

Online Application Form

Start by submitting your online application form.

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You may also use the CommonApp. Please do not submit more than one application.


Write an essay, which will help the AUBG Admissions Committee become acquainted with you, understand your motivation to attend AUBG and determine how well you can express yourself. The essay should be on one of the following topics:

  • Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others. 
  • Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea. What prompted your thinking? What was the outcome?

The essay limit is 650 words. It will be evaluated on the basis of clarity, creativity, completeness of response, sentence structure, paragraphing, spelling, grammar and style. You can use this essay template.

You may also use the essay topics provided by the CommonApp.

Letters of Recommendation

Submit two letters of recommendation from teachers, professors, guidance
counselors, and/or academic advisers familiar with your academic performance and potential for leadership. The letters may be written in English, Bulgarian or Russian.

You can print a template for your letters of recommendation.


Applying students must present an official transcript issued from the University they are currently enrolled in.  Transfer applicants should ordinarily have a CGPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale (or the equivalent) in their previous university-level courses. Students with less than a 3.0 may apply and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

University Transcripts should be originals from the institution. If they are not in English, they must be translated by a sworn translator.

Course Syllabi

For each course you wish to transfer to AUBG, you must provide a class syllabus. You should gather all the syllabi in this document and email them to your Admissions Counselor.  

Note: Each syllabus must include at least the University name, professor details,  reading materials, course assessments and assignments, and outcomes of the course. An example syllabus can be found here.

School Diploma

Please submit a copy of your high school diploma with the final grades. Copies must be notary verified and translated into English or Bulgarian by a sworn translator.

English Proficiency Test

Arrange to have your official TOEFL score sent by ETS to the AUBG Admissions Office. The AUBG institutional code is 2451. Please note that AUBG does not accept personal score reports or photocopies. Your TOEFL must be less than two years old.

To register for TOEFL please visit or take advantage of the Free TOEFL.

English Proficiency Test
Required Minimum

IBTInternet Based TOEFL



rPDT - Revised Paper-Delivered TOEFL 60

IELTSInternational English Language Testing System

Cambridge English (FCE, CAE, CPE) - reported on Cambridge Englisg Scale 180

ECPEExamination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English


PTE AcademicPearson Test of English


DET - Duolingo English Test 110
International Baccalaureate (IB) -

IB English A: Literature and English  (HL)
IB English A: Language and Literature

IB English A: Literture (HL)
IB English A; Literature (SL)
IB English B (HL)

More on IB at AUBG

Advanced Placement – AP English Language &
or AP Literature & Composition
SAT R Reading 32
ACT English 25
High School in English – See High School English waiver

Test preparation is available from our partner English language centers.

English Proficiency requirement may be waived for:

1. Applicants who are citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada and were primarily educated from English language educational systems in those countries.
2. Applicants who have completed three years of full-time study at a English language accredited high school worldwide and have received (or will receive) the English language accredited high school diploma.
3. Applicants who have received an English language accredited Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Any request for a waiver of the English language proficiency requirement must be submitted to the Admissions Office with any supporting documentation and will be taken into consideration after review by the Admissions Office on a case by case basis.

American University in Bulgaria reserves the right to require evidence of English language proficiency for all applicants, the adequacy of which shall be at the sole discretion of American University in Bulgaria reserves.


Your achievements and awards help us get a better picture of your skills, interests, and strengths. Submit copies of the awards you are most proud of, show us your most impressive work or send a CV that summarizes your story. Please use this CV template


We would like to know you better. The interview is your chance to show your motivation, showcase your achievements, and ask a question to a representative of AUBG. The interview may be in person, by phone, or by skype and will be scheduled after we receive your English proficiency test scores.

SAT / ACT Result (Optional)

AUBG does not require SAT or ACT for admission and financial assistance purposes. AUBG applicants come from more than 40 countries and in our experience a single standardized test does not accurately convey their academic potential.

If you have already taken SAT or ACT, you may choose to submit your score by contacting Collegeboard or ACT. The AUBG institutional code for receiving official SAT Reasoning scores is 2451 and the code for the ACT scores is 5465.

Financial Assistance Application (Optional)

In order to be considered for need-based financial aid and need-based scholarships, you must submit an application for financial aid along with the necessary supporting documents or submit your FAFSA Student Aid Report using AUBG’s code G34423.

Recommended Deadlines

Completed applications should be received by the AUBG Admissions Office:

Fall Semester

March 1 - for early admission with preferential financial aid and scholarship consideration 
June 1 - for regular admission and financial aid for non-EU students

Spring Semester

November 1 - for regular admission and financial aid

Contact us, if you have any questions concerning your application.

Admission Decision

The American University in Bulgaria follows a rolling admission notification plan and the Admissions Committee notifies students in a timely fashion. Since the Admissions Committee’s decision is considered confidential, an official letter is sent to the student at the mailing address stated in the application form, within four weeks after all required documents are received at the AUBG Admissions Office.

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