History Minor

The History and Civilizations minor is a program of study appropriate for students who want to go beyond the Historical Analysis component of the General Education requirement but who do not wish to complete the History and Civilizations major. It complements other programs of study at AUBG both by enhancing tools of analysis and by providing greater historical context.

Total: 6 courses

Required Courses (2 courses): 

       HTY 101 Global History to 1500
       HTY 102 Global History since 1500

Elective Courses (4 courses):

Two (2) courses from the following:

       HTY 301 Falsifications in History
       HTY 304 Topics in European History*
       HTY 305 Topics in Southeast European History*
       HTY 306 Topics in Ottoman History*
       HTY 307 Topics in American History*
       HTY 308 Topics in Global History*
       HTY 401 Critical Issues in History*

Two (2) additional HTY courses

* Course may be repeated for credit as long as the precise topic is different.

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