Give Back


Through giving you guarantee that the American University in Bulgaria will continue transforming the lives of the new generations of students. No matter the size of the donation, each dollars acts as an investment in our students and a sign of appreciation for our faculty and staff. Each gift facilitates some of the following developments:

  • Extra funding for scholarship opportunities help our Admissions Office attract the most promising students who come from financially disadvantaged families.
  • Extra funding first helps the Faculty Search Committee recruit highly qualified faculty, then offers to that faculty opportunities for advancement in educational curriculum. Modernization of campus facilities and services are other important aspects of the AUBG which need funding.
  • Extra funding improves AUBG’s place in these rankings where the number of alumni who contribute annually are a measure for university’s reputation of excellence.
  • Each donation can provoke a multiplier effect among a group of friends as only personal example can bring positive changes
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