Fine Arts Minor

The Fine Arts minor provides an interdisciplinary approach to creative human expression for students interested in the artistic performance, process, and inquiry. Students have flexibility in designing their course of study within the minor, and may choose to acquire either an in-depth understanding of a particular performance or process art, such as music or theater, or a broader, critical awareness of the visual and performing arts.

Students pursuing the Fine Arts minor are also encouraged to develop a portfolio documenting their creative activities at AUBG. This personal archive will generally consist of written programs, lists of repertoire studied and performed, samples of creative work, and other evidence of creative achievements, including participation in public performances and/or exhibitions, as part of study toward the minor.

Total: 6 courses totaling 18 credit hours

Required Courses (12 credit hours):

One (1) course from the following:

FAR 101 Introduction to Music
FAR 109 Music Theory
FAR 151 Introduction to Theater
FAR 160 Introduction to Art History and Theory

One (1) course from the following:

FAR 307 History of Jazz
FAR 309 Bulgarian Folk Music
FAR 310 Music in Latin American Culture

Courses totaling six (6) credit hours from the following:

FAR 105 AUBG Choir
FAR 121 Beginning Drawing
FAR 122 Intermediate Drawing  
FAR 203 Beginning Applied Music
FAR 250 Applied Theater
FAR 251 Beginning Acting
FAR 252 Intermediate Acting
FAR 403 Advanced Applied Music

Elective Courses (6 credit hours):

Additional FAR courses, excluding FAR 101, FAR 109, FAR 151, and FAR 160


FAR 203, 250, and 403 may be taken for one to three credits with permission of the instructor. No more than six (6) credits of applied music (FAR 203 or 403) may be counted toward the minor. When more than one course is chosen from FAR 307, FAR 309, or FAR 310, at least one course must be chosen from among the FAR offerings. 


FAR 109 is recommended for students concentrating in music. For a concentration in theater, both FAR 251 and FAR 252 and at least one independent study or special topics course in theater should be taken. 

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