Minor in Film and Theatre Studies

The Film and Theatre Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program appropriate for students who wish to study both the practical and theoretical aspects of film and theatre production. The program provides a good foundation for understanding the main issues of film criticism and theory as well as basic training in theatre and film production. Combining introductory courses in film analysis and theatre with electives from the Departments of Literature and Theatre, Journalism and Mass Communication and History and Civilization, the minor complements the majors in each of these respective Departments.

Learning Outcomes

The objectives of the Minor in Film and Theatre Studies are to enable students to:

  • understand the vocabulary of film and film criticism; 
  • understand the basic components of theatre production and acting;
  • understand the principles of film and video production; 
  • analyze films in terms of their aesthetic, historical and political dimensions;
  • understand the relationship between film and historical representation; 
  • produce a short film.


At least 2 of the 6 courses taken for the minor must be at the 300- or 400-level.

Total: 6 courses

Required Courses (2):

At least 2 from the following courses:

  • FLM 220: Film Criticism
  • THR 211: Introduction to Theatre

Elective Courses (4):

At least 2 from the following courses in Film and Theatre Production:

  • FLM 221: Screenwriting
  • THR 222: Applied Theatre
  • JMC 233: Introduction to Video Journalism

At least 2 from the following courses in Film Theory and History:

  • FLM 320: Topics in Film
    • FLM 320a: Psychoanalysis and Cinema (WIC)
    • FLM 320b:  From Stage to Screen: Film Adaptation of Dramatic Texts
  • THR 130: Beginning Acting
  • THR 230: Intermediate Acting
  • FLM 371: History, Memory and Narrative in Contemporary Balkan Cinema (WIC)
  • HTY 313: American History and Film
  • JMC 363: History of Documentary Film
  • JMC 444: Documentary Filmmaking

A student may undertake a project as an independent study with the approval of the Chairs of 2 Departments involved in the Minor.

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