Serguey Ivanov


Ph.D. (Linguistics), Sofia University “St Clement of Ohrid”, Bulgaria, 1983
M.A., Slavic Studies (major, Bulgarian language and literature) and Greek Language & Literature (minor), Sofia University “St Clement of Ohrid”, 1978
M.A., General Theology, St Vladimir’s Seminary - School of Graduation, New York, NY, USA, 1992

Teaching Interests

Orthodoxy, Slavs, and Byzantium; the Bible as literature/history; comparative study of leading world religions and Western non-ecclesiastic spiritual movements

Research Interests

History, teachings, and comparative study of human religions and mystical experiences (incl. “new religious movements”, “destructive sectarianism”, and “new age movement”)

  • linguistic and cultural analysis of the Bible as one of the most influential ideological texts of humanity
  • history and culture of Byzantium and Orthodox Slavdom

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