Petar Kanev

·        PhD, Journalism Ethics, St. Kliment Ohridski University, Sofia, Bulgaria (2016), Dissertation topic: Press, Values and Myth. A comparative values analysis of ten quality newspapers from around the world (Bulgaria, England, Russia, Turkey, USA).
·        M.A. International Journalism, University of Missouri, Journalism School, Columbia, Missouri, USA, 2004. Thesis on The War Over Kosovo: A Framing Perspective.
·        B.A. Journalism, American University in Bulgaria, 1995. With a minor in Political Science and International Relations.

Current: Media Ethics: Social Values in Media Texts. Applying an innovative content analysis framework, combining qualitative and quantitative methodology for identifying and categorization of values and using a frequency approach to discern the myths, built upon the dominant value orientation in newspapers and larger media systems.
Previous and concurrent: International news communications, media content and politics, globalization, social capital.

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