Mark Stefanovich


D.Sc. Doctor of Sciences in History (Habilitation), Institute of Thracology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (May 1998) History and Archaeology Habilitation Dissertation: Archaeology, Ethnicity and Social Prehistory (in Bulgarian)
Ph.D. European and Related Archaeology , University of California, Los Angeles (March 1989) Indo-European Studies Dissertation: The Archaeology of Ethnicity C. Phil. Indo-European Studies, University of California, Los Angeles (September 1984)
M.A. Classical Archaeology , University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia (June 1971) Thesis: Some Problems of the Balkan Elements in the Aegean Migrations (In Serbo-Croatian: Neki problemi balkanskih elemenata u Egejskoj Seobi)
B.A. Prehistoric Archaeology , University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia (June 1969) Thesis: Metal Finds from the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age in Bosnia (In Serbo-Croatian: Metalni predmeti kasne bronze i ranog Halstata u Bosni)

Teaching Interests

Classical Art in the Cultures of Greece and Rome, Political Antrhopology, Introduction to Archaeology, Thracian Art, Introduction to Cultural Antrhopology, Anthropolgy of Religion, Comparative Mythology, Ethnicty and Culture Conflict

Research Interests

Prof. Stefanovich’s publications include: "Some Balkan Elements in the Aegean Migrations," Actes du Vllle Congres International des Sciences Prehistoriques, Vol. 3, pp. 148-160,1973. Invited paper. "The Possible Origins of the Knobbed Ware in Troy VIIb2," Primus Congressus Studiorum Thraciorum, Thracia, Vol. 3, pp. 101-106,1974. Invited paper. "Can Archжology and Historical Linguistics Coexist? A Critical Review of Colin Renfrew's Archeology and Language: The Puzzle of Indo-European Origins" in The Mankind Quarterly, Vol. 30, Nos. 1&2, pp. 129-158, Fall Winter 1989. "Ethnicity and Migration in Prehistory" in Migrations in Balkan History, pp. 9-28, Prosveta, 1989. "Ideology and Legitimacy of Power in the Social Prehistory of Southeastern Europe." in Orpheus 2, 1992 (appeared in 1994) pp. 24-36. Another Look at handmade Burnished Ware (with H. Arthur Bankoff and N. Meyer,Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 9.2 (1996) pp. 193-209. Kamenska Chuka 1993-1995 -Late Bronze Age Site in Southwest Bulgaria: Preliminary Report (with H. Arthur Bankoff) in James Harvey Gaul In Memoriam - Sofia 1998 pp.255-339. Co-Editor of James Harvey Gaul In Memoriam ( with H. Todorova and H. Hauptmann) - Sofia 1998 Established the series In the Steps of James Harvey Gaul Stefanovich, Mark The concept of Justification of Power in Hesiod in Thracia 13 Studia in Memoriam Velizari Velkov Sofia 2000. Pp. 399-408. Stefanovich, M. and G. Ajdanlijski, H. Arthur Bankoff, S. Strashimirov, I. Kulov and Nathan Meyer Ceramics And Clay Sources: Heavy Mineral Studies From Kamenska Chuka, Southwest Bulgaria in Technology, Style and Society ed. By L. Nikolova Published by British Archaeological Reports, Oxford. Pp. 291-302 Stefanovich and Kulov Kamenska Chuka 1999 season submitted written report to the Archaeological Institute March 2000 pp. 32pages (in Bulgarian) Kulov and Stefanovich A structure from the Late Bronze Age near Blagoevgrad Review of the Historical Museum Blagoevgard ’01 vol.II (in Bulgarian) February 2002 pp. 18-30. Stefanovich and Kulov Marena, Marikostinovo 2002 season – anLBA/EIA site submitted written report to the Archaeological Institute to be submitted March 2003 pp. 41pages (in Bulgarian)

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