Magdalena Bernaciak

PhD, Political Economy, Central European University,2011
MA, Political Science, Central European University, 2005
MA, European Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University, 2004

Research interests
Political economy of EU eastern enlargement; interest groups politics; industrial relations in Central-Eastern Europe

Teaching Interests
EU political and economic institutions; comparative politics; social science research methods

Selected publications
‘Unions for Whom? Union Democracy and Precarious Workers in Poland and Italy’ [with Stefania Marino, Adam Mrozowicki and Valeria Pulignano]. Economic and Industrial Democracy,

‘Weak Labour, Strong Interests: Polish Trade Unions and the Integration of EU Energy and Service Markets’ [with Aleksandra Lis]. Journal of Common Market Studies, 2017, 55(3): 432-448.

Market Expansion and Social Dumping in Europe (ed.).  London and New York: Routledge, 2015.

‘Challenges of Upgrading: The Dynamics of East Central Europe’s Integration into the European Automotive Networks’ [with Vera Šćepanović]. German Journal of Industrial Relations/ Industrielle Beziehungen, 2010, 17(2): 123-146.

‘Cross-border Competition and Trade Union Responses in the Enlarged EU: Evidence from the Automotive Industry in Germany and Poland’. European Journal of Industrial Relations, 2010, 16(2): 199-135.

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