Jean Crombois


Ph.D., Modern European History, Free University of Brussels, Belgium, 1999

Teaching Interests

EU external affairs, EU institutional framework, EU law, EU interest groups and lobbying, history of European integration, comparative politics in Europe

Research Interests

European neighborhood policy and European security, history and theories of European integration, comparative constitutionalism in Europe

Jean Monnet Module on EU Diplomacy: Policies and Instruments (2019-2022)

Past EU Projects (Completed)

2014-2017: Jean Monnet Module on ‘European Lobbying: Interest Groups and European Integration’ (553143-EPP-1-2014-1-BG-EPPJMO-MODULE).

2015-2018: Jean Monnet Module on ‘European Integration and The Transformation of European Diplomacy from 1945 to Present’ (564994-EPP-1-2015-BGEPPJMO-MODULE).


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