Evelina Kelbetcheva


Ph.D., History and History of Culture, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1989
M.S., History, Sofia University, Bulgaria, 1981
B.S. , Archaeology, Sofia University, Bulgaria, 1980
Student, Department of History and Department of Western Languages, Sofia University, 1977-81
Student, Department of Classics, Sofia University, 1975-77

Teaching Interests

Cultural Identities in the Balkans and in Europe, controversy over European integration of the East European countries, Bulgarian history and culture on European background, intelligentsia’s activities during Totalitarianism, evolution of anarchistic ideas in Europe and America, political, social and cultural changes in Eastern Europe since Perestroika, women’s position during transition period in Eastern Europe

Research Interests

Bulgarian intelligentsia between the wars, Bulgarian cultural identity, ethnic identity and political action in post-cold war Europe, Bulgarian immigration in the XXth century, organizations of Bulgarian anarchists, urban culture between modernization and socialist realism (trends in Bulgaria), Bulgarian culture during World War One, political immigration from Bulgaria – different stages and agendas, institutionalization and Europeanization of cultural policy: 1878 - 1944, the Balkans: cultural life and political relations, war and creativity, the spirit of denunciation - main characteristic of the humanistic intelligentsia, ornamentation of the Thracian ceramics during the early Iron Age

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