External Scholarship Opportunities

External Scholarship Opportunities are scholarships offered outside the American University in Bulgaria. Students should contact potential donors, visit websites linked here, and apply to these scholarships at their own risk and discretion. 

Recipients of external scholarships are required to inform the AUBG Financial Aid office of the amount of their award, the anticipated time of receipt and the issuing institution within one week from the notification.

The following offers are being supplied for information purposes only.

Annual National Scholarship Contest for Student Achievements in the Field of Journalism

"Radostina Konstantinova" Foundation announces the annual national scholarship contest for student achievements in the field of journalism.

The Foundation's activities include initiatives that promote quality journalism in Bulgaria, contribute to the promotion of professional standards, and encourage young as well as future journalists to develop their professional career.

Each year, the Foundation awards journalism research in the name of Radostina Konstantinova, also sends a young journalist to an internship in an established media abroad. As part of our annual initiatives we provide a scholarship of $ 1,000 for achievements in the field of journalism to a student from the profiles "Printing", "Radio" and "Television".

We will be pleased if your students who study journalism take part in the contest, and we would like by means of your assistance and AUBG management to invite your students to apply.

The deadline for submitting application forms is April 30th, 2019.

The contest assesses creative achievements in the field of journalism (media cooperation, summer internships, and practical activities), ready course projects or papers of a publicly relevant topic and/or publications in media, however, the annual success of the student should be above 4.50 (out of 6).

The documents required for the application, the conditions, and criteria for electing a scholar are detailed on the Foundation's website

The name of the scholar shall be announced at an official ceremony of the Annual Awards for Investigative Journalism, which is going to take place on May 13th, 2019 in Grand Hotel Sofia, and shall be posted on the Foundation's website.

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