University Events

Events are an essential part of campus life at AUBG. To organize one during the pandemic, follow the steps below. 

Events and large gatherings can currently take place only* in the Main Building, Balkanski Academic Center and ABF Student Center, and require approval from the Health Center Director and Dean of Students (for student-organized events) and Dean of Faculty (for faculty-organized events). A meeting protocol must be submitted to the Health Center after every event. 

*Certain rehearsals and trainings can take place in specialized rooms in the residence halls with permission from the Dean of Students and Health Center Director. 


Access the public folders in Outlook to check if the venue you need for the event is free. In the left pane click Folder List → Public Folders → All Public Folders → Rooms Schedule → select the respective building.

See a list of each room's capacity here


Complete this form with all relevant event details. It serves for both event approval and venue reservation.

Once all necessary approvals are granted (or not), you will receive an email with an update on your reservation.


Contact the following offices for event support:

Security Office

For events involving external guests, make arrangements with Atanas Urdev at at least one week prior to the event.

Facilities Office

For special room arrangements, additional tables and chairs, etc., make arrangements with at least one week prior to the event.

Advertising and Marketing

To place your event on the AUBG web calendar and for advertising through internal channels (the Compass newsletter, screens around campus, social media channels, etc.), contact

Posters Approval

All posters must be submitted to the Conferences and Events office at least two full working days in advance for approval.  They can be picked up at the same place the following day.

Contact the AUBG Events office for further advice and support. 

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