European Studies Minor

The European Studies minor provides the opportunity for students to supplement another academic major with a series of courses designed to familiarize the student with the issues and policies of the European Union and its enlargement.

Total: 5 Courses

Required Courses (2 courses):

 EUR 111 History of European Integration
 EUR 212 EU Politics

Elective courses (3 courses)

Two (2) courses of the following:

 EUR 301 EU Law and Institutions
 EUR 303 Policy Making in the European Union
 EUR 305 European Economic Integration  
 EUR 320 Internal Market and EU Competition Law
 POS 213/EUR 213 Comparative Politics 

One (1) course of the following:

 EUR 404 Topics in European Politics
 EUR 405 Topics in areas related to the European Union
 POS 307/ EUR 307 Research Methods

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